Vehicles break down or encounter problems every day. It is a big hassle, but sometimes they cannot be avoided. Luckily, there are services of towing to help out when your vehicle encounters this type of problem. May it is due to a vehicle malfunction or a multi-vehicle accident, there would be many reasons as to why a towing service in Baltimore would be needed. The only question left would be if what type of tow truck would be required to cater to your problems. Here are some of the different kinds of tow trucks and their function for a towing service need.   

The flatbed tow truck is the most commonly used tow truck around the world. This is the truck with a long back that is big and broad enough to fit a car in. Hydraulics are utilized for this type of tow truck to make the ramps go up and down for the loading and unloading of vehicles. The best part of having this kind of tow truck is it is easy to get on and get off. They are instrumental in transporting vehicles such as cars and boats from place to place. It is also regarded as one of the safest types of tow trucks amongst all tow trucks.   

Another type of tow truck is the integrated tow truck. It is also commonly known as the self-loader which is a specific vehicle that combines a boom and wheel lift all in one unit. There are controls inside of the truck that make it easier to retrieve illegally parked cars or quickly reclaim them without having to get out of the truck. This type of tow truck also has extra axles to strengthen the truck and account for more stability of the vehicle.   

The hook and chain type of tow truck is another kind of truck that is used by towing services. This kind of vehicle is used to pull along different types of vehicles and cargo. This is a truck that was widely employed in the past but not as much anymore due to the advancement of tow trucks and availability of trucks with new and more advanced features. It is now known that pressure is very high when this tow truck is used which is one of the reasons why it is not used as much anymore. This tow truck also cannot be used by all vehicles. There are some vehicles like a 4×4 drive because using the hook and chain may damage the drivetrain.  

These are some of the types of tow trucks that are commonly used by different types of towing services. They are used whenever a customer is in need of this service. These tow trucks will never go out of business because towing is a timeless act. No matter what country you are in, towing will be used in one way or another. May it be for pulling cars around or by upholding the law of the road. Truly, tow trucks are an important part of the life of vehicle owners.